Psychological Advice

Sometimes, life is just not treating you right. Maybe you feel like all strength has left you and you have no idea how to go on. But a psychotherapy? Maybe your doctor subscribed medicine you do not really want? Or do you want to learn to take care of yourself, to prevent such a situation? A psychological advice might be just right for you! We will find ways to change and develop without putting a diagnosis onto you and your problems. With my experience in behavioral therapy I can help you effectively and solution-oriented. Mindfulness and self-esteem will be important topics!

Adjustment disorder:

Adjustment disorder – sounds like a piece of cake, right? But do not trust the sound, it might be a serious thing for you to have. The disorders develops under situation, where you have to adjust. That might be a relocation, a breakup, your kids leaving home and even something nice like a wedding. All this situation require an adjustment. And sometimes that just does not work. You might get symptoms like a bad temper, sleeping problems, anxiety or inactivity. In the dutch health care system, this disorder is mostly not paid for by the health insurance companies, but that does not mean, it is not worse to work on it. With my training in behavioral therapy and a lot of experience I can help you cope!