Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a therapeutic method, that is approved all over the world. In the process we start with the “behavior analyses”. We try to understand, under which circumstances your problems developed and why they stay. Important factors are behavior, thoughts and emotions, but we also integrate your personal experiences. Knowing all this, we can use it to find solutions and new ways and possibilities to cope with your problems. The behavioral therapy is a target-oriented method, meaning the focus is on finding helpful/functional solutions. Psychoanalysis for example is a method, that focusses more on understanding how your problem developed and not so much to find a solution for it. But of course, we will do our part in understanding as well!

CIMG1651It is my job to help you to help yourself and to empower you to go your own way. That is a bit like being a mountain guide. You have the say, which mountain we will clime, I can show you the best ways to go up. But you have the final say which way we will take. However, on the way I am there to guide and support – I cannot carry your load and I cannot carry you, you will have to walk on your own. This can be hard sometimes. But it will be totally worth it. And you can think about the strength you have shown when you face the next problem-mountain and you will be able to climb it alone.